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Beef Tallow Skin Lotion

21 Jun

Since going paleo, I have gradually been “cleaning up” all sorts of products in my life as well as my food. I now wash my hair with baking soda rather than shampoo, and wash it far less often than I used to (I do now use small amounts of regular conditioner, as the apple cider vinegar rinses never really worked well with my hair and I got tired of the smell). I’ve switched to using physical sun protection instead of sunscreen as often as I can. I barely wear any makeup (unless I have a dance performance, in which case you gotta layer that shit on xP). But my pride and joy has been developing a skin care routine based on all-natural, homemade products.

About a month ago, a post on What Should We Call Paleo Life referenced my homemade beef-tallow lotion and many people expressed interest in the recipe, so I┬ádecided that this would be great material for one of my first posts on this new companion blog. I started making lotions after getting bored with plain coconut oil. It’s great for the skin, there’s no question about that, but it’s rather greasy and can leave a stale smell after awhile. I looked around online and saw recipes recommending mixing the coconut oil with things like cocoa and shea butter (for better absorption) and essential oils (for better scents.) I played around with these recipes for awhile and generally liked the results, but I didn’t think about beef tallow until one of the girls I dance with bought a small jar of Vintage Tradition tallow-based body balm.

Everyone was impressed with its quality, absorption, and effectiveness, and I was surprised that the ingredients were nothing more than tallow, olive oil, and essential oils. I knew with my new Paleo DIY Powers I could try and make a similar lotion myself. I still enjoyed my plant-oil based lotions, though, so I decided to try just adding beef tallow to my recipe. My results were amazing.

So without further ado, the recipe:

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