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Paleolithic Park

6 Sep

me_tree_iconAs I’ve mentioned before, my new-paleo-convert friend Jim has whole-heartedly accepted the dietary wisdom I’ve shared with him and adjusted his habits accordingly. As of this writing, he has lost about 20 pounds over two months. Unfortunately, schedules and budget restrictions have limited his explorations into paleo-style exercising.  I’ve encouraged him to try to incorporate some simple body-weight exercises into his routine, but he has found doing such things around his apartment uninspiring. Thus, recently we decided to enjoy our brief San Franciscan summer by getting outside for some real paleo exercising.

Getting outside to move slowly, dash around, and play is more than just a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon. As Mark Sisson points out:

” ‘Try working out outdoors’ or ‘Go on a hike’ is not just tentatively recommended advice to be discarded or glossed over. Long walks don’t belong in the miscellaneous category, and playing is as important as lifting heavy things. All this stuff – the play, being outdoors, the frequent bouts of moving slowly – is crucial…Outdoor workouts [result] in greater revitalization, increased energy, and more positive engagement, along with less depression, anger, confusion, and tension.”

Living in the middle of San Francisco, it can be a little hard for us to get to the “real” great outdoors. Luckily, we are blessed to have a little slice of the great outdoors right in the middle of our own city, Golden Gate Park. But even a more “civilized” park can offer great opportunities for outdoor exercise and play. I share our adventures here today in the hopes that other people might be similarly inspired to find unconventional playgrounds in their own communities. Continue reading